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About Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (Huawei) is a leading provider of network security and storage appliance solutions to enterprise customers worldwide. Huawei focus on continuous customer-centric innovations is enabled by R&D centers distributed in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hangzhou in China, as well as in Silicon Valley in the U.S. The company’s global customers and partners are supported by sales and service centers around the world.

Huawei Focus on customer requirements, provide cost-effective solutions and bring sustainable value adding to customers by accelerating technology innovation and application in information security and storage.

Core Values

Huawei operates with four core values in mind.

    01 Integration
    Huawei offers fully integrated network security and storage solutions that incorporate software with hardware, information technology with communications technology, and security with storage.
    02 Innovation
    Huawei unwavering commitment to R&D ensures that its innovative solutions keep pace with evolving risks and increased availability requirements facing customers.
    03 Customization
    Huawei focuses on continuous customer-centric innovation which enables uniquely tailored and sustainable solutions for its customers.


Products & Solutions

  1. Security
    Huawei suite of security products and solutions help secure the network layer and the application layer of enterprise systems across industries:
    • UTM\Firewall\VPN Products
    • DPI Products
    • Security Router Gateway
    • Intrusion Detection Products (NIP Series Network Intrusion Detection System)
    • Software Products (Terminal Security Management System, Document Security
      Management System, Log Management and Audit)

  2. Storage
    Huawei provides customers with a series of secure data storage solutions leveraging Huawei strengths in data network, enterprise communication, server, storage and security:
    • Storage Area Network Product
    • NAS Product
    • Virtual Intelligent Storage
    • Virtual Tape Library Product
    • Video Surveillance Storage
    • Storage Solutions
    • Huawei Solid State Drive(Diamond 2)

  3. Server
    Huawei provides technologically-advanced server products and comprehensive solutions to help clients manage their data effectively and efficiently:
    • Tecal R Series Rack Server
    • Tecal T8000 Blade Server