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Gateway Security Solution

Preventing Malware at the Internet Gateway
Real-time Code Analysis technology detects and blocks new and dynamic malware at the gateway, analyzing incoming and outgoing Web content, regardless of origin and without signature matching.

Its scanners detect these weaknesses at the point of discovery, eliminating exposure to the threat. And it’s the only technology that provides true zero-hour defense. Malware is detected and blocked before entering the network.

Blocking Blended Threats
It uses cloud-based behavioral analysis to determine the malicious intent of URLs within email. The data is then fed into Web security solutions to ensure comprehensive Web and email malware protection.

Inspecting Email Content and Attachments
Gateway Security’s Solution deep content inspection technology does more than simply identify and block attachment types—it actually scans content within attachments. This prevents a user from renaming a document to bypass security.

Removing Malware from Web Pages without Blocking Valid Content
After eliminating the malware, Dynamic Web Repair™ delivers the safe Web content to the user — maintaining productivity.

Controlling the Use of Web 2.0 Applications
Our secure Web gateway solution enables organizations to assign policies by user, controlling the way employees use Web 2.0 applications without blocking them completely. Collaborative applications such as instant messaging, Skype and P2P can be restricted to beneficial uses.

Securing the Mobile Workforce
Gateway Security Solution developed the first Web solution to integrate a Web security appliance with cloud-based services. This hybrid cloud service enables administrators to centrally manage security across the corporate network to remote workers and branch offices.